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Consumption recovers, trade with growth for the 10th month

Production shrank by 3.4% per year, construction - by 4.2%
Monthly growth of 3% in February in retail trade show the preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI). As more sales account for almost all industries.

7.4% increased turnover in the non-food trade, in the sale of automotive fuels and lubricants the growth was 4.7%. Significant growth in turnover recorded merchants selling textiles, clothing, footwear and leather goods - 44.8 per cent. Trade in computer and communication equipment increased by 9.5%, while in pharmaceutical and medical goods - by 8.6%, the NSI data also showed.

Reduction is available only in the trade in food, beverages and tobacco products, but minimal - by 0.2%.

NSI data show that consumption is gradually recovering despite the crisis caused by the pandemic and retail trade is growing for a tenth month in a row. But it is still unable to reach pre-crisis levels, as there is a 0.5% decline in February on an annual basis.

Data on annual changes show that the turnover in the trade of automotive fuels and oils has decreased by just over 15% per year, while in food, drinks and tobacco products the decrease is 0.6%. There is a 4.7% increase in the sale of non-food items.

More significant growth for the retail trade by mail, telephone or Internet - by 33.3%, in the trade of computer and communication equipment - by 9.4%, and in the trade of household appliances, furniture and other household goods - by 4%. There is a decrease in sales of pharmaceutical and medical goods - by 1.4%.

In the case of industrial production in February compared to year-over-year the decline was 3.4%.

In construction data showed a 4.2% decrease in February compared to the same month in 2020, and compared to January 2021 there was an increase of 0.2%.


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