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CPC with important market data during the state of emergency

“Today hardly anyone would buy a protective mask for 20 BGN unless it is for some exotic reasons” - so Chairman of the Commission for Consumer Protection (CPC) Dimitar Margaritov commented on the current state of the market for personal protective equipment, quoted in a message from press center of the committee.
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Margaritov stresses that market mechanisms, combined with effective control, are the most correct means of regulating prices in conditions on a free market.

"Yes, initially there were significant deviations in the prices of some goods, which were deficit after the initial shock, you know - the whole world was surprised, but the market showed that for now it is the best invented means of regulation, which, combined with good control by the institutions. leads to normalization of the situation, "he said.

The CPC Chairman gives an example with the exported data from the National Statistical Institute that for the last month inflation in terms of consumer prices was negative.

Under the conditions of emergency, the CPC carried out 437 thematic inspections at specialized outlets concerning the sale of protective masks, disinfectants and other protective equipment, as well as 64 inspections in stores of the type “For 1 lev”, with 26 infringements of the competence of the CPC.

The inspections are carried out jointly with other control bodies - NRA, DAMTN, RHI, IAL, etc., coordinated with the Prosecutor's Office.

With regard to online commerce, the committee reiterates that there is an absolute legal ban on the sale of prescription medicines on the internet. In this regard, 367 inspections were carried out and 12 infringements were found.

"Let citizens be vigilant and attentive, especially on social networks and platforms that are not e-shops, because it is much easier to come across fraudulent offers - not even so much as an inflation of prices, but not to deliver the ordered goods, but to take the paid money,” advises consumers chairman.

Regarding the application of online shopping rules for food delivery, Margaritov commented that unlike almost all other product groups of goods, we do not have the right to opt out of the purchase here, but “all other rules concerning labels, content information, expiry dates are in effect, so if you are delivered home and you notice that there is such a problem, you should immediately react to us and to the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency”.


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