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Denitsa Sacheva announced what more measures are following because of K-19

The regional approach to combating coronavius is extremely important. This was clear from the words of Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva. She assured that the government was not preparing a full closure at the national level.
Denitsa Sacheva commented that the situation is being monitored and is ready to respond in a timely manner.

"If we were responsible, we would have resigned. It is proved that there is clearly a need for such responsible behaviour,” she announced.

In a television interview, Sacheva said that BGN 40 million will be set aside to help businesses affected by the restrictive measures. This range will enter the establishments, for example. At least about 50,000 people could be helped. The idea is discussed at the level of social partners.

Regarding the aid to the whole business, the Social Minister said it was difficult to draw general conclusions whether the businesses had lightened up.

She pointed out that almost BGN 1 billion has already been paid 60/40 to the business.

Asked what is envisaged in Budget 2021 Sacheva was adamant that this was not a breaking budget.

"The budget should be viewed in combination with the operational programmes. BGN 30 million is for the 60/40 measure, the others are - to support the liquidity of companies, etc.”, she said.

"We are extremely responsible and do not want to embarrass the next government with our accounts”, Denitsa Sacheva also admitted.

"At this stage we are only spinning in a circle why you give money, why until March and why not. This dialogue shows rather managerial bankruptcy of the people who want to replace us.

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Although this budget as generous, no you can deny that this is the budget with an extremely small deficit”, she further commented.

Sacheva urged not to rush the apocalyptic predictions. In her words, the government knows that it will be difficult, but there are no negative forecasts.


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