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Denitsa Sacheva pointed out how much it will cost the state the extension of the lockdown

The extension of the partial lockdown in Bulgaria will cost an additional amount of BGN 250 million. This was stated by Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva on the occasion of the protests of the restaurant industry, quoted by Trud. In her words, the decision to extend the measures was difficult but necessary because of the recommendations of the specialists.
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The programme launched today under the Operational Programme “Competitiveness” to return 20% of the turnover of closed businesses, is the fastest in the history of EU funds, Sacheva stressed.

The funds will be paid as early as next year. “The application period will be four weeks, but after submitting the documents a maximum of 10 days after that the NRA will return a percentage of turnover. So very soon, early next year, they will receive this money,” Sacheva explained.

As for closed businesses, almost BGN 100,000 have been paid at the moment, while the candidates are about 4600 employers for 23 000 persons.


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