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Deputy Minister from Pomorie: The unsold wine in warehouses

Extraordinary measures will support the wine sector in Bulgaria, which is experiencing difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This became clear during an information meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry in Pomorie. Vineyards and winemakers from Burgas region, as well as from Varna, had the opportunity to get more information about the prepared mechanisms from Deputy Minister Lozana Vasileva.
The discussion was hosted by the Mayor of Pomorie Ivan Alexiev, and the representatives from GERB-Burgas Asya Peeva and Galya Zhelyazkova participated. The meeting was attended by Vladimir Krumov, Deputy Regional Governor of Burgas District, Lidia Stankova, Director of Regional Directorate “Agriculture” — Burgas, as well as Rositsa Simeonova, Chairman of the local wine chamber. An important point for the industry is the development of a measure “Wine Storage” for the the inclusion in the National Programme for Support for the Wine Sector (NPPF) 2019-2023 This decision was announced a day ago during a videoconference meeting with Minister Desislava Taneva and Executive Director of Agriculture Vasil Grudev. The attendees at the Summer Theatre in Pomorie received more information about this measure. Support to wine companies will be directed to the storage of wine with a view to temporarily withdrawing it from the market because of the failure to be disposed of as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.” The region of Pomorie is known throughout the country and worldwide as a producer of quality products. There is a good signal from the representatives of the branch for unification around the decision to open, at the beginning of July, a second target reception under the measure “Investments in enterprises” only for advance payments from the 2020 budget”, commented the Burgas deputies. The prepared proposal by Minister Taneva to the EC Bulgaria to develop its own compensatory programme for the sector in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic was also discussed. The promulgated amendment to Ordinance No 6 of 2018 was announced, which regulates the implementation of the crisis measure “Green Harvest” in 2020. The maximum amount of support that a beneficiary can receive under the 2020 measure is BGN 3036.86 per ha. Currently, there is an active reception in the Executive Agency for Vine and Wine until June 5, and applications for the measure in the FTT will be accepted from 15 to 19 June. Vineyards and winemekeepers from the region of Pomorie used the opportunity to address questions and suggestions to the Burgas deputies from GERB Asya Peeva and Galya Zhelyazkova, as well as Deputy Minister Vasileva. They were presented by the winemaker Mladen Varbanov.