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Deputy Minister Yovev: With EU funds we can reach new levels of geodesy development

“I am very honored to offer my greetings on the occasion of the official opening of the XXX Jubilee Symposium “Modern technologies, education and professional practice in geodesy and related fields”, namely in the building of the oldest and most prestigious professional organization in Bulgaria — the Scientific and Technical Unions. It is not only traditions that oblige us to develop, improve and honor geodesy as a profession, but also our professional conscience.” This was said by Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Valentin Yovev at the opening of the international forum, according to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.
According to him, the surveying training does not end with the completion of an educational degree, but continues throughout the professional path.

Such a scientific and practical forum is important and timely and should give a clearer picture of the state of surveying in Bulgaria in order for the Agency of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre and MRRB to better plan future policies in the field of geodesy, cartography and cadastre, commented Eng. Yovev.

“I am convinced that the geodetic guild as a society of highly enlightened people is a spiritual elite that will implement these policies”, underlined the Deputy Regional Minister. He pointed out that there is no other profession in Bulgaria that has its own law obliging the state to conduct these policies and find funding.

The maximum use of European financial instruments can lead to new levels of development of geodetic science and practice. Only on this path surveyors and surveyors in Bulgaria will establish their authority in society, said Eng. Yovev.

The Deputy Minister welcomes the participants in the symposium and on behalf of Minister Petya Avramova. In his congratulatory address, the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works underlines that geodesy is fundamental to all infrastructure policies that the MRDB conducts, and therefore it is important to work together with the industry.