Financial and business news from Bulgaria

Deputy Prime Minister Donchev reported important financial news

Bulgaria will ask the European Commission for permission to spend in advance part of the European money planned for the next programming period. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev.
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In his words between 200 or million euros can be invested in social anti-crisis measures to support people and businesses.

"The money we have to pay, spend until 2021, we have the right six or seven months in advance to invest it in anti-crisis measures. This will allow us to get out of the crisis more easily,” Donchev explained.

He pointed out that for grants for small enterprises the state provides over BGN 170 million. This amount will be provided free of charge between BGN 3 and 10 thousand depending on the turnover.

"This is the necessary fast, liquidity support depending on the turnover - between 3 and 10 thousand leva, and our goal is to reach as many enterprises as possible.

I hope over 20 thousand, which means - a small craftsman, a small workshop, a hairdresser, a cafe, a shop who has been hurt to be able to help himself with this money”, pointed out the Deputy Prime Minister, who together with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov participated in the inspection of the construction of the “Europe” motorway.