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Deputy Prime Minister Nikolova on a working visit to Varna

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariyana Nikolova held a working meeting with Frank Kwante, CEO of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management, and representatives of the airport management. The discussion was attended by the Mayor of Varna Municipality Ivan Portnih and the regional governor Stoyan Pasev.
The unprecedented decline in international travel, by some estimates representing more than 70%, and various travel restrictions have significantly reduced the volume of passenger flows, and the situation currently continues to restrict the free movement of persons, and this is undoubtedly affecting tourism as well, said the Deputy Prime Minister, said the local ministry.

He added that more needs to be done to adapt travel restrictions in order to meet the specific health risks for passengers and host destinations, while making travel easier for those who meet the requirements in place.

She added that the situation is very dynamic and predictions are difficult to make, but nonetheless policy is and will continue to be the boundaries to be open and only as a last resort require a negative PCR test.

Mr. Kwante presented information about the flights carried out at the two sea airports — Varna and Bourgas, and financial results of the company. He explained that as of this year there are positive trends in flight reservations from some destinations. At both airports there is an organization for rapid passenger testing, the CEO further clarified. And specified that on the ports already established an organization for testing passengers with PCR.

We are in the top ranking of measures in place to protect passengers at all 30 airports in Fraport's group, informed the Executive Director. And clarified that a special coating has been placed on all contact surfaces, such as doors and toilets, which kills viruses.

Varna Airport is of utmost importance for the development of the region, said Ivan Portnih. He thanked the leadership for the good cooperation and partnership between local authorities and the gate management.

Minister Nikolova inspected the airport in the sea capital, personally making sure of compliance with all anti-epidemic measures. On the spot, it found that all established operating norms were introduced at the airport, which ensure the safe and safe travel of tourists. I'm impressed by all the measures you've put in place. This will contribute to the promotion of the passenger flow to Varna, which is a priority destination, concluded the Deputy Prime Minister.


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