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Dimitar Manolov on the strict measures: The problem is that we are morons

The problem is, we're jerks. This is what the President of “Podkrepa” Dimitar Manolov commented on the occasion of the tightened measures in relation to the coronavirus.
A report on television showed how flower shops were closed in the market Dimitar Petkov. Sellers discontent that at the last moment their trade is blocked, and the goods are already loaded.

Manolov explained this by the lack of discipline and the big clusters of people over the last two days.

We recall that from today the measures are tightened and we go outside only with protective masks. The new tightening of measures is due to the warm weather and the holidays Tsvetnitsa and Easter.

Yesterday the health minister issued an order - from 12 April everyone leaving their homes should have a protective gear covering their nose and mouth. In addition to masks, towels or scarves can be used.

They will be mandatory in indoor and outdoor public places - such as streets, shops, public transport, as well as in churches and monasteries. There was a similar order at the beginning of last week, but it was canceled a day later on the grounds that there was a lack of consensus in society.


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