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Donchev: We will invest 4.5 billion levs in energy efficiency measures

Bulgaria needs a giant effort to decarbonize the economy
Over the next five years Bulgaria will invest BGN 4.5 billion in energy efficiency measures. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev in a video address during an online forum.

I strongly hope that the construction industry will not only be actively involved in this process, but also to propose new solutions and measures, as well as in terms of quality, which is expected not only from the contracting entities but also from the Bulgarian citizens, the Deputy Prime Minister said during a forum "Upgrade Bulgaria - Save Energy!“, organized by the Bulgarian Association for Insulation in Construction /BAIS /.

Donchev outlined the new funding opportunities, both under the Cohesion Policy and the Recovery and Sustainability Plan under the Fair Transition Plan. Bulgaria in the next five years should carry out a gigantic effort to decarbonize the economy and reduce the costs of heating and electricity, the Deputy Prime Minister reminded and added that this means a large programme of energy efficiency, which includes an attempt to support Bulgarian industry, in order for it to be less energy-intensive, one should also think about companies, owners and users of public buildings - state and municipal. We have the big task of refurbishing the majority of them in the coming years, said the Deputy Prime Minister. Another task posed by Donchev is after the good start of the National Energy Efficiency Program for Multi-Family Residential Buildings to “enter at least as many households” and to think about new measures - more high-tech and more ambitious.