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Dzhambazki declared victory for Bulgaria, but also a serious warning

The Mobility Package has died and must be forgotten. Fighting the disease implies discipline, personal hygiene, personal responsibility. This comment was made by the MEP Angel Dzhambazki.
He urged: 'Continue to maintain high personal hygiene, be responsible, don't give in to panic and fake news and keep out the weak, the elderly, the vulnerable'.

"In parallel with this struggle, however, there must be thought and work to protect the Bulgarian economy, to protect the income of Bulgarian citizens and entrepreneurs affected by the measures of the emergency situation.

One of the most affected sectors, along with tourism and generally speaking, the entertainment industry, is the transport industry.

It is already well known that over two hundred thousand Bulgarians are directly employed in this sector affected by the blockades and queues and the cessation of production,” Dzhambazki further commented.

"The Mobility 1 package in this situation means the EU without transport and supply, Bulgaria without transport and supply. Pure and simple. It was seen that on European roads and border crossings there are no parking lots and terminals, there are not even trash bins, let alone normal bathrooms and outfits,” he argued.

Dzhambazki explained that a letter was sent to the Commissioner for Transport, requesting the so-called “Mobility Package 1" to be removed from the Commission's agenda as unworkable and threatening our economies.