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EC adopts additional measures to support the food industry

The European Commission has today adopted two measures to help the food industry. The measures will increase the cash flow of farmers and reduce the administrative burden for national, regional authorities and farmers during these particularly difficult times.
To strengthen farmers' cash flow, the Commission will increase advance amounts for direct payments (from 50% to 70%) and rural development payments (from 75% to 85%). Farmers will start receiving these advance payments from mid-October. For additional flexibility, Member States will be able to pay farmers before completing all on-the-spot checks, the committee's press office said.

The second measure adopted today reduces the number of on-the-spot physical checks in relation to the majority of the CAP budget from 5% to 3%. In the current exceptional circumstances, it is crucial to minimise physical contact between farmers and inspectors. The Commission also provides flexibility with regard to the timetable of checks. Member States will be able to use alternative sources of information to replace traditional on-site visits to farms (e.g. satellite images or geolocation images to demonstrate that relevant investments have been made). This will enable the most efficient use of resources, compliance with social distance rules and reduce administrative burdens, as well as help to avoid unnecessary delays in processing aid applications to ensure that the subsidy is paid to farmers as soon as possible.

More information on today's measures and the Commission's previously announced support for the agriculture sector related to the current health crisis is available online.


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