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EC chief: Ban travel to EU for 30 days

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen launched the idea of banning all “non-essential” trips to the European Union for one month.
The move is aimed at withholding the coronavirus contagion that is plaguing the Community, global news agencies report.

The @EU_Commission presents guidelines on border measures & proposes:

1IIGREEN lanes/fast lanes giving priority to essential transport to keep the mobility sector going & ensure economic continuity

2K-Temporary limiting on non-essential travel to the EU (30 days)

— Ursula von der Leien (@vonderleyen) March 16, 2020

"The less traveled, the more we can curb the virus. Therefore... I propose to the Heads of State or Government to impose a temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the European Union, “the Commission chief said.

The intended travel ban will operate over an “initial period” of 30 days, but can be extended if necessary, she added.

EU residents with a long-term residence permit, family members of EU citizens, as well as diplomats and doctors fighting coronavirus will be exempted from the travel ban.

Separately, emergency medical and food supplies in the Community must be provided with special “fast corridors” to ensure that supermarkets and health institutions have opportunities to cope with increasing demand.

The travel ban will also not affect UK citizens, although London officially left the Commonwealth on 31 January.

"UK citizens are European citizens, so of course there are no restrictions for UK citizens to travel to the continent,” noted Ursula von der Leyen.