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EC chief praises Bulgaria: Number one you are in...

Bulgaria is the only country in the EU that respects the criterion of budget deficit from the Treaty on Community - this is what Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis announced at the presentation of the spring package of the European Semester, BNR said.
At the same time, the report on our country says that there are still challenges in the fight against corruption and there are still no conclusive results of criminal prosecutions in such high-level cases.

Despite strong economic growth and a record low unemployment rate, Bulgaria is slowly catching up with other member states and levels of poverty and income inequality are still some of the highest, the report said.

It is also stressed that underinvestment is an obstacle to modernising the economy.

In general, banks are profitable and well capitalised and the ratio of non-performing loans decreases.

Nevertheless, Bulgaria continues to be among the countries with a large percentage of non-performing loans, especially for non-financial enterprises.

The supervision framework of the non-banking financial sector has been strengthened, but further action is needed in the insurance sector.

Access to healthcare is limited due to the uneven distribution of scarce resources and poor coverage of health insurance.