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Economic analyst explained what measures we need because of K-19

“Some of the ideas for measures are announced with some delay, which creates a sense of uncertainty among businesses, especially among small firms. The 60/40 measure remains the skeleton of support for businesses. The unpaid leave measure is strange because it operates in parallel with 60/40”.
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This is what economic analyst Lachezar Bogdanov told BRN.

On the basis of a formula for offsetting a share of turnover, there is a fundamental misunderstanding:

“There is constant talk about a share of turnover, with the feeling of compensation for lost profits. The measure, as permissible in the European Union, implies that the State partially compensates for part of the fixed costs. '

According to him, clear and simple measures should be made, tailored to capacity.

In the show “What is more” Bogdanov added:

“Sometimes a compromise has to be made between the precision and effectiveness of the action of any measure... When designing schemes, a general effect should be sought on the whole economy, and this implies that schemes act faster.”

The analyst pointed out the biggest effect in the first “closing”:

“The moratorium for payment of bank loans. This allowed for some time on loans for BGN 9 billion to no repayments. This is a huge effect that did not allow the crisis to become a financial one that we had in 2009”.

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