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Economic measures to ease the crisis in Turkey

Turkey's parliament adopted a package of economic measures early this morning aimed at easing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on economic and social life in the country, the Anadolu Agency reported.
Among the measures is a ban on redundant workers for a period of three months. However, employers will be able to send workers on 3-month unpaid leave. Labour contracts will not be terminated for three months except for cases of bad faith behaviour, Turkish Minister of Labour, Social Care and Family Zehra Zumrut Selcuk wrote on Twitter after the package was adopted, BTA reports.

She pointed out that the measures are aimed at preserving employment. The state will pay 39.24 Turkish liras a day (about $5.70) for three months to workers who were forced to take unpaid leave because of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as those whose employment contracts were terminated after March 15, Selcuk said.

In addition, she said the ministry would bear the cost of elderly and disabled people housed in nursing homes or in special care centres. The adopted measures also provide for deferral of taxes and expenditure of municipalities for 3 to 6 months without accumulating interest.


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