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Economy Minister with a hot comment on the lifting of measures

The lifting of measures is a trend that has spanned the whole world. Lifting the measures does not mean that we should not comply with the three D's - discipline, distance and disinfection.
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Measures were imposed to save lives and ensure people's health. We categorically succeeded. Now we have to be flexible. We have full confidence in HQ and the doctors on line one. The pandemic has not yet passed, and no one can say whether the autumn will not have a new wave and re-introduce measures.

This was stated by the broadcast “Since the day” on BNT Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov on the occasion of the tightening of measures against coronavirus due to the surge of newly infected people. He also commented on the economic situation in the country.

"Bulgaria did everything right in terms of economic measures during the crown crisis. The economic measures were very correct and timely,” the minister said.

The 60/40 measure helped to not have more than 250,000 unemployed people and to witness apocalyptic paintings like in other countries. Measures continue to evolve and act. Our economy is in state.

It is undeniable that the impact is heaviest for small and medium-sized businesses. There is no sector that is not affected. We are yet to see whether consumers will continue to consume as they did before the pandemic. I am talking about a global scale here,” he added.

"Data on consumption and sectors in Europe and Bulgaria are about to come out, and we need to make a very serious analysis of these figures. Currently, Bulgaria has not withdrawn debt.

Thanks to the good macro and micro financial framework in the country at the moment we do not need such a loan. After the consumption data comes out, we'll decide. You know that in Bulgaria almost 90% of car parts are made in Europe. If the data shows that Europeans no longer buy cars, the necessary measures will be taken,” the minister revealed.

"Throughout the pandemic, we have worked very dynamically and perhaps for the first time a country, employers and trade unions have found a common language. We agree on Bulgaria's entry into Schengen and the OECD. This is the first point in the agreement we signed. It is strategically important for Bulgaria to enter the waiting room of the Eurozone.

Until May the investments in Bulgaria were over BGN 220 million. We are about to open two plants in Plovdiv related to mechanical engineering. You know we're also negotiating a plant with one of the world's largest automakers.

Here we are talking about a lot of negotiations, analysis, sending teams. We offer classified workers and a secure tax and financial environment. We want to be elected tomorrow, too, but it's all about very serious negotiations”, ended Emil Karanikolov.


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