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Economy Minister with surprising news in the midst of the coroncrisis

In 2020, under the Investment Promotion Act, projects worth over BGN 1 billion have been certified, which is a record for the last 6 years. This informed Minister of Economy Lachezar Borisov during a working meeting with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.
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“We achieve a record on the line of attracting investments in times of crisis. Certified projects are 34. 17 of them are in high-tech production and services “, the minister said.

These projects create new 4500 jobs, which compared to 2019 is almost twice as many.

Minister Borissov reported that the promotion of already existing projects continues, with the budget resource used amounting to 16.4 million leva.

“These are 23 companies, with them we have saved over 5134 jobs. The projects we have supported are worth 438 million leva.

With regard to micro and small companies in the first weeks of the new year the resource for the revised more than 3300 companies will be paid, and as of yesterday the start of payment of contracts to medium-sized enterprises, the Minister of Economy reported.