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Elon Musk lost $6.2bn a day

U.S. entrepreneur Elon Musk's total asset value dropped $6.2 billion on Thursday as a result of U.S. share trading in light of a nearly 5 percent drop in Tesla's share price he owns. This was announced by Forbes magazine.
According to the newspaper's calculations, the state of the businessman dropped to $150.9 billion. Tesla shares fell $32.25 (4.94%) to $620 at the end of the trading session.

In Forbes's ranking of the richest people in the world, Musk ranks third. He is stepping down to the head of the US corporation Amazon (Jeff Bezos ($175.4bn) and French group company chief executive Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Bernard Arnault ($155.6bn). Bloomberg estimated Musk's total asset value at more than $160 billion, NOVA reported.

In the agency's list of the richest people in the world, Musk came second. Now only Bezos is ahead of him. The main reason for Musk's increase in the state over the year is the growth of Tesla's capitalization. In early 2020, it was under $100 billion, and at the end of February increased to about $800 billion. By Thursday, that indicator declined slightly. It's now about $596 billion.

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