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Emergency response after the sharp letter from the Commission to Bulgaria that it supported its producers and food

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (MAHG) issued an urgent position on the occasion of a letter of notice from the European Commission (EC) to Bulgaria on the provision of regional Bulgarian production in the retail chains.
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“The measure taken does not affect free movement of goods produced in other countries, since the Decree issued on the basis of The Law on Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency does not provide for prohibition and restrictions on the supply of produce by EU Member States and third countries.

In no way shall the previous deliveries at the outlets of products imported from other countries and products that can be marketed at all outlets in the country.

Through the adopted PMS № 70, urgent measures were taken at national level aimed at guaranteed and facilitated consumer access to the production of regional (local) producers.

The actions of the Ministry are aimed at supporting Bulgarian production, small and local producers to preserve their livelihoods in view of quarantined areas, difficult transport links and risk of transmission of contagion during transport.

Art. 2 of the adopted Decree lays down norms for raw milk and for the supply of dairy products and the same is in the process of change after consultation with the interested parties.

The measures introduced do not lead to distortion of competition and the internal market, but are for the benefit of the consumer without prejudice to any rules. They have been adopted in the face of an unprecedented and global health, economic and even trade crisis.

ICG will send a reasoned opinion to the European Commission on the adopted Decree on the provision of regional production in the retail chains” are categorical by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.