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Employers Organizations with Opinion on Theft of Electricity from Maritsa East 2

The nationally representative employers' organizations AICB, BCCI and KRIB issued an opinion on thefts. Here's what it says:
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Thefts can have different grounds — from greed, from corruption interest, from... hunger? But also out of stupidity or ineptitude — theft remains a crime!

As is a crime and to pass by such an act.

Once again the Bulgarian electricity consumer has been stolen. Whether it's an ordinary person or an industrial enterprise. We have been robbed of all of the state energy by a million and a half leva today, just for one day.

Calculated by the difference between the pseudomarketing price and the price above which the Maritsa East 2 TPP operates at a profit. If we take into account the difference to the real price of Kozloduy NPP, the robbery reaches 4 million leva. For a day.

How does this happen? Why?

Instead of working and offering electricity up to its capacity, once the electricity market reaches prices of 136 leva per megawatt hour, the Maritsa East 2 TPP is hiding! Or maybe he's bluntly ceding the possibility of profit to another? But we can't think of who...

However, we are aware that this “shriveling” comes to us double because we pay extra in the form of any fees and benefits this non-work, including with the bonuses of miners, energizers and football players.

In a time of severe crisis, not only is it not adequately assisted, but also loaded with hundreds of millions of companies and people. We want to urgently launch all units of the Maritsa East 2 TPP or immediately remove them from service and reduce the relevant personnel and costs! And shortening at least one mine in the Mini “Maritsa East”!

Who should and can change this? The names are publicly known and ordered by power are: Boyko Borisov — Prime Minister, Temenuzhka Petkova — Rest Minister, Jacqueline Cohen — Executive Director of BEH, Zhivko Dinchev — Executive Director of Maritsa East 2 TPP.

Master, we call you to something simple — please do your job!