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Energy Expert: US Attack Not on Balkan Stream

What we are witnessing right now is the alignment of a special law to counter states, individuals, governments and companies that conduct a policy that is contrary to the interests of America. This was said in the morning block of BNT the energy expert Prof. Atanas Tassev.
He commented on whether there is a risk to the implementation of energy projects important for Bulgaria because of the intention of the US to impose sanctions on all countries that connect to the two Balkan Stream projects and the gas connection with Greece.

I also saw the original and the translation of the original and the attack is against “Turkish Stream”, not against “Balkan Stream”, the main attack is on “Nord Stream 2" because the difference between “Nord Stream 2" and “Balkan Stream” is huge. There is another key word in what comes out in the press as an opinion of the US government, there is talk of Russian pipes, said Prof. Tassev.

He stressed that there is no Turkish flow in Bulgaria, no Russian pipes.

We are implementing a gas hub “Balkan”, the main task is to implement a European plan for full interconnectivity, said Prof. Tassev.

In his words, the battle regarding Nord Stream 2" will be very serious.

Leave it was a catastrophic loss and we have spent a lot of money that we can not return. We just disappear from the gas map. You know that since January 1st we have actually deprived ourselves of 14 billion cubic metres annually of transit to Turkey. That's about $100m a year, Prof. Tassev.

In his words, Bulgaria fits into the concept of the so-called “Green deal”, “because gas is a transitional energy source and by the 50th year it will disappear and hydrogen will come in its place, and it also moves on pipes, so we have strategically made our investment and connect with all our neighbouring countries, even for Serbia there will be two interconnector”.