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Enhanced food checks before Easter and St.

As of today, the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BABH) is launching enhanced inspections of food production and trade sites, egg packaging centres, food wholesale warehouses, catering establishments and retail outlets, markets and exchanges, in connection with upcoming public holidays (Easter and St. George's Day). This was reported by the press office of BABH.
Throughout the period until 7 May 2021 (inclusive), increased controls will be carried out in the production and marketing of food traditionally offered for the holidays (lamb, kozunaks, eggs, including painted eggs, fresh vegetables) and egg dye. The origin and proper storage of raw materials and foodstuffs, correct labelling and marking will be monitored.

With regard to the supply of carcass lamb meat, the presence and colour of the health marking will be controlled (blue colour — meat originating Bulgaria, red colour - originating other than Bulgarian, in accordance with Order No RD 11-631/25.03.2019), as well as whether traders provide prominently information on the country of origin of the meat.

Inspectors will closely monitor the storage, labelling and marking of eggs. Samples will be taken for laboratory testing from eggs originating in the EU and third countries.

During the official holidays from 30 April 2021 to 3 May 2021 (inclusive), on 4th May 2021 and St. George's Day - 6 May 2021, inspectors will be provided on duty in all ODBH to ensure the activities of the supervisory authority and respond to citizens' alerts.

BABH recalls that alerts for irregularities accepts the Hot Phone — 0700 122 99 and through the online form of the website.

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