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Eurostat exported black and white data on the prices of bread and meat in Bulgaria compared to Europe

Bulgaria retains its second place in the European Union at lowest prices of bread and cereals and meat in 2019, according to data from the European statistical office Eurostat, writes
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ado.slave ('adoceanblitzbgvppmqmhred', {myMaster: '32krqyjgbc4z5Sigp3zu1zeyf3dx9g_PSWM02Cjdcel.s7'}); Last year, the price of bread and cereals in Bulgaria was 35% lower compared to the average level in the Union, the statistical office. Bread is cheaper only in Romania, where prices are 47% lower than the EU average. In third place is Poland with 30%.

Compared to 2018, however, the bread in Bulgaria is slightly appreciative because two years ago its price was 38% below the average in the Union.

Overall, last year, the price of bread and cereals in the EU was about three times higher in the most expensive Member States compared to the cheapest.

When price levels in individual countries are compared to the 100 index of average bread and cereals prices in the EU, the results show that last year they were highest in Denmark at 51% above average, followed by Austria with 33% and Luxembourg and Finland with 25% each.

Another Eurostat statistics published last week put our country second in the EU at lowest meat prices. In our country, they are 34% below the average in the Union, and meat was cheaper last year only in Poland and Romania, 37% below the EU average. In third place was Lithuania with 29%.

Compared to 2018, however, the price of meat in Bulgaria has almost doubled since two years ago it was 64% below the Union average.

At the reverse pole, the highest in 2019 were meat prices in Austria 45% above the EU average, followed by Luxembourg with 41%, France with 31%, the Netherlands with 27%, Belgium with 25% and Finland with 24%.