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Evgeny Ivanov: The measures of the Cabinet are working

Their horizon is for three months, and there may be a plan B, but it's not on the agenda, and I hope it doesn't. Three sets of measures proposed by the Cabinet would enable the real economy to survive and work during the coming three tough months. This was told by BNT the Executive Director of KRIB Evgeny Ivanov.
The first group is the ones that solve the problem of liquidity of the business - to be able to work, but also to pay our wages and keep our people in this situation. Talks are taking place and an acceptable solution will be found for a reasonable delay in the time of the annual completion of financial results, for tax declarations and other deadlines to remain a resource in the companies, explained Ivanov.

The second group of measures, business defines as an adjustment for labor — that means not only keeping our workers, but also paying their obligations. The state agreed to help divide the income in a ratio of 60 to 40 and thus pay wages so that people can pay their debts - household bills, personal consumption. However, if the money allocated for this purpose does not reach the worker, the state collects the aid back, Ivanov warned. Asked to comment on the case with +Arsenal “, which put his workers on leave, Ivanov specified that when the option with leave is exhausted, the new measure will apply.

For small businesses, the solution is to capitalize the BDB, which can issue guarantees to commercial banks, whose clients are small firms, so that they can repay with a reprieve in time. Regarding the employers' request for green corridors, Ivanov was adamant that if there is no transport, there is no country and this request is vital.

For now, the measures have a horizon for three months, there may be a plan B, but it is not yet on the agenda and hopefully it does not become one, Ivanov said.