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EWRC and Energy Ministry inspect “Toplofikatsiya Pernik”

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Energy are starting today the extraordinary inspection in “Toplofikatsiya Pernik” because of received signals about impaired heat supply. This is done by order of the Chairman of EWRC, including experts of the office of Minister Temenuzhka Petkova in the team of examiners.
Within the framework of the emergency verification carried out on documents and on the ground, the committee will establish all the facts and circumstances that are within the scope of its regulatory powers. The main task of the verifying expert team of the regulator is to determine whether “Toplofikatsiya Pernik” AD has committed violations of the licenses issued by EWRC - for heat and electricity production and heat transfer.

In compliance with the requirements of the Energy Act, after the completion of the verification, the experts of the Commission will prepare a statement report and a report on its results, which will be discussed at a meeting of the regulator by the end of May 2020. If violations are found by the district heating company, the Commission will take the administrative and criminal measures provided for in the law.

After completion of the joint emergency inspection of “Toplofikatsiya Pernik” JSC its results will be publicly disclosed, reported by the regulator.

The Ministry of Energy also reported the joint inspection. In her order Minister Temenuzhka Petkova regulates to check the technical condition and operation of steam generator №3 and auxiliary facilities to it, as well as the company's gas farm. The results of the inspection must be ready by May 15, 2020. The ministry recalls that on May 7, 2020, a wall of the waste water from production was broken. Subsequently, it was decided “Toplofikatsia-Pernik” AD to work on gas. The inspection of the institutions aims to eliminate the problem in the shortest possible time, so that the heat supply in Pernik is restored.