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Expert: Food prices in our country move almost without change

However, in meat there are greater variations
With regard to eggs in the last 10 years, we have a stable supply of levels 19-21 pennies

“In the main food products of February 24, when mass shopping began and a kind of stress test was taken on the market, prices are moving without change.

Pork scored a peak of about 30 pennies, but this is due to its worldwide shortage. In terms of pulses, basic products, oil, sugar and flour — we are almost unfluctuated. There are average daily variations between one and four pennies, but they are within a normal trade interaction.” So said in the studio of “Wake Up” of Nova TV Vladimir Ivanov from the State Commission on Commodity Exchange and Marketers commented on the price values of food during a pandemic.

Mass checks on the shops under the order of the Prosecutor's Office

“For the main food products that are of good value, we do not expect any stress and the last 30 days show it. We have almost equal curves, which means with little change. Even the oil saw a slight decline. Only meat has larger variations, but the levels are again around 10 leva, as they were in December,” Ivanov said.

Vladimir Ivanov also commented on the prices of eggs on the eve of Easter. 'In terms of eggs in the last 10 years we have a stable supply of levels 19-21 pennies. In fact, I'd say these levels are pretty low for the sector. The quality of the poultry products offered is very good,” he said.

There are already measures for Easter and St. George's Day to buy only Bulgarian meat in the big and smaller chains.