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Fandakova: We took measures for the business and the budget of the municipality

One of the most important tasks at the moment is cleaning and disinfection in the city, explained in the studio of “The Day begins with Georgi Lyubenov” on BNT the mayor of the capital Yordanka Fandakova. She explained that despite the precipitation during today the disinfection of stops continues because it is important to clean up the risk areas.
The mayor assured that there was no problem with the removal of Sofia's garbage. Maximum effort has been made over the years. Since 100% landfill 10 years ago, it is currently 16%. The mayor has assigned tasks for both washing and disinfecting. People who work in cleanliness are also at quite a risk, Fandakova said.

There are talks with the Orthodox Church about how Cvetnitsa and Easter will be held in the city.

"Everyone has an icon at home. Let's stay and pray at home to protect, if not ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors, from causing further problems,” Fandakova said.

The spaces around the churches will be disinfected. Outside, tables with willow twigs will be exported.

Since the beginning of the state of emergency there have been financial losses for the municipality. According to the mayor, it is clear that measures must be taken to the collapse in some areas.

"From the first days together with the measures for cleaning and disinfection and assistance for people in need, we have also taken measures for the business and for the budget of the municipality”, Fandakova said.

An economic council has been established with leading experts. Municipal councillors from all political groups are invited.

"There is already full agreement to exempt from a fee pavement law all establishments that do not operate under conditions of emergency, as well as from rents of municipal premises or plots, including in the markets, for those who do not work. We also provide guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises, “she added.

For March, the Centre for Urban Mobility has lost revenues worth about BGN 6 million. The three transport operators - auto transport, electric transport and subway - about 6 and a half million. For April, even bigger losses are expected. Ticket and card sales are almost dead. Continuation of the validity of the public transport cards, as well as the service subscription to the “blue” and “green” zone for the time when they did not operate.


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