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Feasting during the plague: In just 100 days' Amazon 'got rich with...

For some, the coronavirus is a curse, for others a blessing: since the beginning of 2020, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has earned over $23 billion. And Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and others have lost several billion each, Deutsche Welle points out.
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In the crown crisis some become impoverished, others become even richer. Since early 2020, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos's wealth has increased by $23.6 billion - to a total of $138 billion.

This is clear from Bloomberg Agency data on the super-rich worldwide - Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Even in the world of billionaires, this is something unusual - no one else on the list of the 100 richest people in the world has increased their wealth as substantially since the beginning of the year as Bezos, German broadcaster ARD website reports.

Who loses from the coronavirus crisis?

For comparison: Bill Gates, second in Bloomberg's ranking, has lost $8.4 billion since the beginning of 2020. And the wealth of the world's third-richest man - the boss of luxury goods chain LVMH Bernard Arnault, is down by a wholly $23 billion.

Even the legendary Warren Buffett (fourth place on the Bloomberg index) has so far failed to reap any benefits from the coronavirus crisis. Quite the opposite even: it split by $13.3 billion.

What is Jeff Bezos different from them? Quite simply: he is the boss and chief shareholder of a company that - like few others - manages to reap benefits in the face of a coronavirus pandemic.

At a time when stores are not working, the services of the world's largest online trading platform are in demand like never before. Let's open a bracket: at the height of the crisis, the US concern has recruited 100,000 new employees and wants to employ another 75,000 people.

Criticism of Amazon

At the same time, many criticise Amazon's attitude towards its own employees. Bezos is said to be not doing enough to protect his employees from Covid-19. This was confirmed by three employees of the firm in the United States. They were subsequently fired for systematically violating the company's internal rules.

A few days ago, a Paris court ruled that in the current coronavirus crisis, the American online trading firm is not doing enough to protect the health and security of employees in its logistics centers.

The decision states that Amazon should carry out a risk assessment in all its warehouses and take the necessary measures to protect the health and security of those working there.