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First Investment Bank launches entirely online credit

Fibank (First Investment Bank) offers its customers remote signing of consumer loan documents.The innovative solution the bank upgraded with the granting of the loan entirely online, through a few clicks and can be used by individuals who are not customers. The amount of lending is high — up to 80 000 leva or their equivalent in euro, with a long term of up to 10 years, the PIB said.
In case of accumulation of interest discounts (such as: transfer of declared income to a Fibank account, use of a bank package with digital banking, etc.), the interest rate can be reduced by up to 1.55%.

After approval customers can receive a special bonus — pre-approved overdraft on their debit card of up to 3 salaries, with 0% annual interest for the first year. An additional incentive for such funding is the lack of online application fees, for granting the loan, management and early repayment.

At the end of 2020 First Investment Bank also announced the “Video Consultation” service for individuals who want assistance in applying and using mortgage or consumer credit, credit card, overdraft and bank package. The experts of PIB are available if interested in any of these products, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00, and the video call is completely free of charge.


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