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Foodpanda in Bulgaria and Romania becomes part of Glovo

Food delivery platform Foodpanda in Bulgaria and Romania will be acquired by its Spanish competitor Glovo, the company reports.
She is a cclililo o o délívéru Nero, who is cobctvenik na fodrannda y nac i in our northern neighbour i opepipa oshe nyako bpaanda na balkanite na balkanite In Cupbia, Bocna and Xepzegovina and Chepna Gopa, as well as Rauza in the City.

The total value of the deal is 170 million euros, and it is expected to close in the coming weeks after approval by regulators.

"Bynagi e been a key to a long ocpocht ni ctpathegia da ce phoquycimam in pxy pazapi, na koito vijnis ycni prjnocti da badem voedem voedethi i I am a bison buffalo. Centpaal i Izelochna Evpopa is a lot of information from this plan. Pegion nafo e piliel platfopmite for doctavna ppi pi ququane and nie stactlivi da zacilym i yvelim i yvelicym naelicam i yvaelym nacho pícctive in dapzhavi, whoito aat da pocoçwaeth ogpom n othencyaal za pazivitie”, pocochwa gwaven implementelen dipektop na Glovo Occcap Kiep.

Glovo stepped on the Bulgarian market only in March this year, offering goods from different categories. Kum 2019 godina Glovo opepipache na na na 20 pazapa, no popaadi financovi zatpydnenna ppez minaith 12 mececa she ce eresgli of Typcija i pedica pazapi in Lathinca Ampika and Cevepna Aphpica, which is the ocnovna bison of its octana in South and Izelochna Europa. The Spanish startup was founded in 2015 in Barcelona.


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