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For 39 leva per megawatt-hour natural gas is sold with a day of delivery for today

At a price of BGN 39.00 per MWh/d for 2 050 MWh/d natural gas sold in the “day ahead” segment closed the gas exchange yesterday, shows a reference in the platform of “Gas Hub Balkan”. Trading is with day delivery for today, April 14. The price is 2.28 higher compared to the one with the delivery day for April 13, when at a price of 38.13 BGN for MWh/d 2 074 MWh/d of natural gas were sold.
In the intraday segment yesterday, 13 April, 424 MWh/d of natural gas were sold at a price of 39.18 BGN per mWh/d. The reference price in this segment for today, April 14, is 39.00 BGN per mWh/d.

So far there are no deals concluded in both segments.


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