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French writer: Cotton makers in Xinjiang have become a victim of rumours from the West

In recent days, some Western companies have announced they will cease using cotton made in Xinjiang. Some anti-Chinese forces in the West have issued slander against China, accusing it of imposing “forced labor” in the autonomous region. In comments, the French writer and author of the book “Uighurs: Let's End Fake News” told journalists that cotton producers in Xinjiang have become victims of rumours spread by the West, Radio China reported.
The writer said Western powers were slandering China without caring about the truth. They are putting pressure on the country through Xinjiang. The U.S. government has banned some American companies from importing Xinjiang cotton. The incredulous pronouncements about “forced labor” incite prejudice towards Xinjiang and those laboring there. If the cotton in the area is not sold, it will negatively impact farmers' lives there. Some people in the west say they want to help Uighurs, but they're actually harming their interests.