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From January 1 in 16 areas the water is getting cheaper, in 7 - rose in price

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission set water prices in 26 districts in the country since January 1. In 16 plumbing companies, the regulator reduces prices, and 7 has an appreciation. The most significant is the increase in Sofia and Razgrad - by about 6%. The most prices are reduced in Kresna - by over 16%, in Sliven, by over 14%.
The price decision also approved the business plans of the companies.

The Commission is legally obliged to update the prices of services established with 5 annual business plans of plumbing companies for the next year, taking into account additional performance indicators, and not just the inflation index for the period since the adoption of business plans, the the communication of the EWRC.

For the first time in the procedure for changing the prices of services, the regulator also takes into account the effect of the implementation of investments enshrined by companies in business plans, as well as the implementation of uniform performance indicators.