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Germany bans entry of foreign seasonal workers

The German government has announced it is banning seasonal workers from abroad from entering the country to contain the spread of the coronavirus, AFP and BNR reported.
“Seasonal workers and harvesting workers will no longer be allowed into Germany by our border control,” an interior ministry spokesman said at a news conference in Berlin.

The ban comes into force today at 18:00 Bulgarian time and leaves until “further notice” and applies to workers from EU member states.

About 300,000 seasonal workers come to Germany every year, mainly from Poland and Romania, to help harvest different crops, such as asparagus and strawberries.

Germany introduced border controls with five neighbouring countries last week, and today's decision is a new tightening of conditions for entry into the country.

From the Association of Asparagus Producers in the province of Brandenburg reported that only half of the 5000 seasonal workers required for the region have arrived so far.

“We are very close to harvesting asparagus, but if we do not have enough workers, we will not be able to harvest the whole harvest,” Jürgen Jakob said.

The agriculture ministry suggested that the shortage be filled with people who were surprisingly unemployed because of the coronavirus crisis.