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“Grand Energy Distribution” with the most attractive prices for electricity

The company has been a proven and secure supplier of electricity for 10 years

From 1 October, all business consumers need to switch to the free electricity market. By September 10, they must choose an electric power trader and enter into a contract.

“Grand Energy Distribution” Ltd. is one of the largest and leading companies in Bulgaria for electricity trading. The Company holds a license supplemented by rights and duties of a coordinator of a standard balancing group and coordinator of a combined balancing group.

For 10 years the company has proven itself on the market as an extremely secure and reliable energy partner. In the team are some of the most experienced experts in the field of electricity trade in Bulgaria, ready to provide assistance and expert advice to all business users who need additional information about the transition to the services of a specialized company - trader of electrical energy.

“Grand Energy Distribution” guarantees the most attractive prices in the electricity market, with which every consumer will achieve a reduction in their energy costs. Offers the safest supplies directly from manufacturers.

Request for a quote and other questions can be asked on the national phone 0700 500 44, or electronically on the updated website of “Grand Energy Distribution” On the home page, in the upper left corner, there is a direct “Request for Offer” button. It is necessary to fill in the name of the company, contact details, brief information on the average monthly consumption, resp. specifics of the site, if any, and to apply at least one monthly invoice for the consumption of electricity.

Based on this information, the energy experts of Grand Energy Distribution will make an analysis and, as soon as possible, usually within 1 working day, will make an offer prepared entirely according to your needs, criteria and capabilities.

“Grand Energy Distribution” is an excellent partner for building long-term and correct business relations. Our goal is to provide the best energy products and solutions for all our customers at home and abroad and to continue to be a reliable and sustainable energy partner in the long term.

Trust us!