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When applying for credit, people must carry a copy of an employment contract and a document on unpaid leave (if they worked on salary); a document of registration, if they are self-insured, a declaration of interrupted activity or documents of a decline in income.
Pensioners and people who receive income from rent may also apply for interest-free loans of up to BGN 4500 under the program of the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB), it is clear from the bank's answers to citizens' questions.

Interest free loans to victims of the crisis due to COVID-19 citizens are granted at the offices of seven banks and the money is provided by the government through the BDB. Access to the loans is provided by people who are on unpaid leave, but have worked the last 6 months before the employer sends them home, and do not receive income from other employment relationships.

The loans are also available to self-insured citizens who have ceased their activities because of the epidemic or have at least a 20% drop in income. Access to the loans is also provided by sole traders and owners or partners in companies that meet these conditions.

An outstanding credit record is not required when applying for an interest-free loan. However, due to the strict regulatory requirements, banks can take into account the credit history of the particular applicant before the crisis and offer him a loan less than BGN 4500, but at least BGN 1500, according to the BDB.

If you get a refusal to grant an interest-free loan, be informed what the reason is because it is often removable, the BDB advises. You can seek advice from the bank you have applied to, or from the BDB of emails [email protected] or [email protected]