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Greece expects easing of restrictions as early as late April

The main scenario in Greece is for a gradual repeal of the restrictive measures since the end of April, the newspaper Kathimerini writes. According to the publication, the country is in the hoop of restrictions of unknown duration, but they are unlikely to be cancelled before the end of next month.
On Monday, Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis said “it is particularly important in the next period and in any case by the end of April that we bring the spread” of the virus under control.

Also economic support measures for companies and workers currently have a horizon until 30 April, BTA said.

Before that, however, it is Easter and it is considered certain that if the measures are lifted earlier, there will be a mass exit of excursioners with all the consequences of this.

In any case, the government, with the strict movement restrictions it introduced on Monday, put on the table one of the strongest weapons in its arsenal, and according to the information, the lifting of the measures will be gradual, as they were imposed.