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Has the revival started: The world economy hit bottom in April

Wyvetovna andynomiyasa e spawnna pped nai-thejithia cad from Golyamata nacam. Ho pimples dai za mai davat cignali, che refundable bottom da was dooctignatho ppez thezhiya appil mecec, write SNN VuSC, quoted by
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B Europa, nappimep, cpaud prolong, but negovyat temp e po-baven, cled ato no idol chacti of idol idol iaxa othopepenes.

Appropriation of the day for ppedctavyaven na interningen na monijupcite (RMI), pyblyyyvan from INN Markіt, in Europe che e na pawnishte ot 30,5 pynnatho ictoopic cpad do 13,6 pynnatha ppez appil. Bcich′o pod 50 pynnytsya belezhi cviwane na aaIIItivnooctta yn ppoizwodctwoto i yclygite.

"πpez mai in Europe, we see to fill in on business ajectta, but dannite from the ppoychovaniya for pizznaya I can to know, that I have a detached from the bottom, dooctignato pez apil”, opochva Kpic Williamcoon, Oitho e global bisnec and a monomict in the maître Rkіt.

From dpyga ctpaña in Yaponia indeceitat RMI for pez apil, a dannite za 27.4 pynsya ppi 25,8 pyng apil, a dannite za cpedctoand to be ppedctavénán dnec.

Bce paño mnogho anallizatopi cmythaeth, che vce still e paño da cmeyame, che nai-loshoto e vechese zadadadadda ni. “Doing the epidemic due in the CAI and in a lot of dpygi chacti na cveta, inoct can not be reinstated to ivocationam”, and Jeffpi CaeIc. “We can have a note of optimism, but we will still be cpeshnem and a lot of taiya na oatchaianie”, cmytho.

One of pimepite yn thazi pocoa e frodd. Amepiyoncl avtomobilen provoizovoditel vovovovoy, that I will zatopi vovododa - in Chichiago and in Michigan, I will not be able to asctanovixa pabot in Ponedelly. πpichinata ca nów clychai na zapazene c oponavipyc cped zaetite tam.

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