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Heat again reports highest positive yield among universal pension funds

On 16 July 2020, at its meeting the Financial Supervision Commission set the minimum yield for compulsory pension funds for the period from 29.06.2018 to 30.06.2020. Minimum yield on the management of the assets of universal pension funds for this period is -2.57%, and the minimum yield on the management of the assets of occupational pension funds amounts to -2.50%.
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Five companies register positive for the specified period, and four have a negative. Heat is ending the period with the highest positive yield among universal pension funds.

For the period 29.06.2018 to 30.06.2020 the Pension Fund has achieved a positive yield of 2.32%. The remaining PPF that achieved a positive yield for this 24-month period are, respectively, UPF “Consent” by 2.00%, UPF “CCB-force” by 1.64%, UPF “DSK-Rodina” with 0.77% and “UPF - Future” with 0.69% The four companies registering negative yield for this period are UPF “Trust” with -0.09%, “En n UPF” with - 0.35%, “ZUPF Allianz Bulgaria” with - 0.58% and UPF “PCI” with


For professional funds, the Regulator set a minimum yield of - 2.50%. Four companies report positive yields and five companies negative.

For the 24-month period with positive yield ended, respectively, PPF “CCB-force” by 2.37%, PPF “Heat” by 1.64%, PPF “Consent” by 1.56% and PPF “DSK-Rodina” by 0.82%. The remaining PPFs end the year with a negative yield, respectively “CNN PPF” with -0.23%, PPF “Doverie” with - 0.38%, “PPF - Future” with -0.47%, “ZPPF Allianz Bulgaria” with -0.73% and PPF “PCI” with -0.81%

On the website of the FSC, in “Analysis” Statistics” and Statistics” and Statistics” in the insurance market” can be found data on the yield for the 24-month period (on an annual basis) and the specified minimum yield.