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Hit the market: The plugs chase the price of gold in Turkey, 220 leva per kilo!

The plugs chase the price of gold in Turkey at a price of one thousand Turkish Lira (about 220 BGN) per kg or about 20 pounds per piece /4.50 BGN/, reports Turkish private TV NTV.
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Through summer months the price of a slightly acidic, still green fruit drops to 2-3 pounds per kilogram, but in winter the coarse plugs of the type Petrovka, so liked by the Turks, sold at fabulous sums.

On the market in the county of Amazia, a box with three pieces of plugs goes at 60 pounds. The salty price stumbled customers who wondered if they had come to a goldsmith instead of the market.

Trader explains that the high price is the result of the season, the coronavirus epidemic and limited production. He admits that most customers are intimidated by the price, but in his words there are those who are pleased to find the sought-after fruit in the winter.

These are mainly men who buy the plugs for their pregnant wives, he said.