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Home office on electricity bills, see how much

More and more company employees are working from their homes because of the growth of those infected with coronavirus. The pandemic also took much of the children home to study online. However, all this is a prerequisite for more costs, NOVA transmits.
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According to specialists, most of the time spent at home also means more spending on the family. We will consider the options for heating with electricity and with heating. First we dwell on a family of four, inhabiting a two-bedroom dwelling, which is heated by electricity.

“If parents work in one room at home, and in the other are children - the cost of electricity increases. With home office of 8 hours and online training of 4, bills increase by 37 leva per month”, explained energy expert Ivan Hinovski.

Additional cost is the use of a computer or laptop — the average bill shows that we will pay 58 BGN per month if we use 22 working days 8 hours a day. If we are on heating, the bills come out at times higher than those of electricity, says Hinovski.

Heating bills could jump up to three times if instead of heating and air conditioning, we chose to heat ourselves with so-called fan stoves, experts warn.