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Hong Kong closes bars as part of social distancing measures

Hong Kong's Special Administrative District announced Thursday the decision to temporarily close bars and other establishments selling alcohol because of the growth of COVID-19 cases. The new measures came into effect on Friday and will last 14 days.
Local authorities also said the measure aims to increase social distancing. 62 cases of coronavirus infected in bars and 14 others who had contact with them, Radio China reports.

Those who do not comply with the measures will be fined up to 50,000 Hong Kong dollars (around $6450) or imprisoned for 6 months, it added.

The measures are part of an effort by Hong Kong's government to contain the increasing number of infected people over the past two weeks, when a large number of Hong Kong citizens returned to the area from affected European countries and the US.

Hong Kong reported 37 new cases of coronavirus infected on Thursday, 30 of which imported. The total number of infected so far is 802.


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