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Is there an artificial increase in food prices on the market?

“It's hard to talk about losses. A major feature of the market, despite the Saturday-Sunday variations, is a very serious stability. In basic food products, the curves are almost even line, that is, without alterations. In fruits and vegetables, we have variations that are also due to the manifestations of time.” This was stated by the chairman of the State Commission for Commodity Exchange and Marketers (DCSBT) Vladimir Ivanov before NOVA.
“Since the COVID-19 started, we have had several incremental trends. In pork there was a change due to the plague. In dairy products, there was a global growth trend in October and November,” he added. And he added: “In practice, this price placement that we have at the moment is not due to the coronavirus. On the contrary, since he emerged, we have a fairly stable and brighter market.”

Asked why then there was an increase in prices for potatoes and ginger, for example, Ivanov replied: “This is explained by the absolute shortage. On Sunday day, there was simply no merchandise. Greece does not work, our individuals do not drive goods and at such times such price manifestations are obtained.”