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It became clear for which month the heating will pay us back the most money from overrun bills

On average, 19% is reduced the price of natural gas with rear for the last heating season - from October last year to March, informed “Trud”.
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This shows the Commission's data and water regulation, which recalculated blue fuel prices because of the new contract of” Bulgargaz with Gazprom, which provides cheaper deliveries to Bulgaria as of August 5, 2019.

On the basis of the new gas prices, the regulator will determine how much the heating will be cheaper for each of these months and will return to its subscribers the excess.

The most should receive heating consumers from the bills for March this year, as for this month the EWRC set a lower price of gas by nearly 32 per cent. It was the invoices for March that caused the discontent of consumers, who complained of heavily inflated amounts. Because of this, the EWRC started an inspection of “Toplofikatsiya Sofia”, which has not yet completed.

For October and February, the regulator lowered the price of gas, by 22 and 23 per cent respectively. Far less is the reduction for November - nearly 14 per cent December 1 - 10.35 per cent and January at 14 per cent.

The commission explained that the lower percentage decrease during the winter months is due to the new formula that calculates the price of Russian gas for Bulgaria. It already includes the blue fuel quotes of European hubs, which are traditionally higher in the winter months and lower in the spring.