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It is unbelievable what prices announced in Sunny Beach for the summer

By up to 50% the prices for use of infrastructure and services in “Sunny Beach” for this season will be reduced. The decision of the management of the company managing the complex is in relation to overcoming the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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reliefs cover almost all companies administered by the company, such as prices for taxi car rack, prices for cars, charging outlets, allocation of pavement right, parking and others.

Until July 1, parking in the complex will be free of charge.

Preparations for the arrival of tourists for the summer season are already beginning.

From today there will be landscaping of areas in over 40 locations, placing new benches and replacing street lighting.

Despite the difficulties around the beginning of this season, we will prepare the infrastructure in the best possible way, said Zlatko Dimitrov, Executive Director of the company “Sunny Beach”.

He said that the local sewerage with underground reservoirs was built, which would collect water in rainfall from First Street, the promenade, from the streets in the East zone.

“ Sunny Beach” has no built rain sewerage and therefore local solutions are sought for places where traditionally problems occur in heavy rains.


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