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Italy's flight restrictions fall

Over 20 airports in Italy will be able to resume servicing passenger flights. Their work along these lines was suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic, TASS reported.
According to a decree of Italy's Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, we are talking about 24 airports, including Malpensa in Milan, Fiumicino in Rome, Ciampino in Rome, and also airports in Florence, Pisa, Venice. But some services at these airports will remain inaccessible for now.

There will be no restrictions on the operation of domestic flights, including to Sicily. There will only be restrictions on air and sea links with Sardinia, which will be until 12 June.

No foreign cruise liners will be allowed in Italian ports, BTA adds.

The decree will act until June 14.

From tomorrow, Italy begins to receive people from EU countries, the Schengen zone and the UK without quarantining them. The latest restrictions on moving Italians between districts are also falling.

Because of the pandemic, work at a number of airports in Italy was discontinued, and only Rome's Fiumicino International Airport was not completely closed, but serviced 60-70 flights today on average before the pandemic of 1000 flights per day.


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