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Iu will give subsidies to people who decided to stay in town during the New Year holidays

The city of Yu in Zhejiang province, known as the “world supermarket,” announced incentives Monday including rent cuts and subsidies to keep people working there during the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays. The aim is to minimise travel and avoid a new wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, Radio China reports.
Authorities have urged landlords to halve rents in one month or extend rental terms by half a month for those staying at Iu for the festive period. Meanwhile, some businesses like big restaurants, can apply for a subsidy of up to 100,000 yuan ($15,432) for daily operations during the holidays. Hair salons, car repair shops, car washes and express delivery companies can apply for subsidies based on their area if they meet the requirements of local authorities to work for a period of time during the holiday, with subsidies being 25 yuan per square metre and no more little than 2000 yuan per firm.

People from other parts of the country who decide to stay in Yu for the holiday can get coupons from Alipay up to 500 yuan per person. In addition, the city will open its tourist attractions and public services for free, including cultural centres and museums. From February 14 to 21, medical facilities in the city will not charge outpatient and emergency care fees, and check-ups will be half price.