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K-19 bites and the beach: Only for a day 150 flights to Burgas are denied

In just a day 150 flights with tourists to Burgas, which were supposed to arrive as early as the end of June and early July were cancelled because of the increased number of newly infected with coronavirus. This was announced at a press conference today the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov.
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Unfortunately one of the main companies, with which the city administration is working, has also postponed its flights by two weeks from June 1 - to June 15 . The same is the situation for German charter flights, writes Flagman.

“We hope to start the summer season between 25 and 27 June, but the situation at the moment is becoming an even bigger test for everyone working in the tourism sector.

Obviously, the danger and trouble have not yet passed. We urge everyone to comply with the measures set out in the order of Minister of Health Kirill Ananiev,” said Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

We recall that because of the global pandemic and the danger of the health system in Bulgaria being overloaded, measures were introduced for serious safety measures from the coronavirus.

Some of them continue to this day, and hoteliers, restaurateurs and representatives of the tourist industry are “in check” because of the ambiguities about the exit from the state of emergency and the establishment of free transport from and to Bulgaria.

Because of all the unknown — when will the season start, when will the first flights start, what will be the decline in the tourist flow, what will be the mandatory measures — some of the hoteliers are currently even wondering whether to open their sites.

At the same time, thousands of seasonal workers are in “stand-by” and do not know if there will be season or not — and in that sense — whether they will have a livelihood.


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