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KEVR: Heating companies to communicate more actively with customers

“In a pandemic conditions, district heating companies should seek additional opportunities and take measures to inform their customers widely about the traditionally higher heat consumption in the autumn-winter season, as well as the existing possibilities for easing the payment of the heat energy they use. The unusual difficulties and problems arising, both for companies and customers, require rapid, adequate and flexible measures to improve communication with consumers.” This is stated by the Chairman of EWRC Assoc Prof. Ivan Ivanov in a letter sent today to the management of the heating companies in the country, the regulator said.
During the heating period of 2020 -2021, each district heating company must adequately inform its customers (on its electronic page, through information messages to the media and in other ways and information channels) about the amount of heat produced and submitted to customers energy by providing a short and clear analysis of increased or reduced consumption compared to the same month of the previous reporting period. Such an approach will enable the majority of consumers who have chosen their monthly heat charges to be prepared on a predictive data basis, to more easily control their consumption and plan their costs, writes the chairman of the EWRC in the letter to the district companies.

Companies to conduct an active and ongoing information campaign on the possibilities for optimizing individual heat consumption, including for the benefit of taking energy efficiency measures by customers, as well as on ways to make reasonable use of thermal energy, adds Ivan Ivanov. In addition, heating companies must apply an active and flexible approach when dealing with customers who are in a difficult financial situation. This could include their wider informing of existing options for rescheduling debts, paying equal monthly instalments and other appropriate good practices.

In the letter, the President of the EWRC adds that, with the implementation of the proposed measures, companies will show their professionalism and public commitment. The Commission considers that, in the current situation, a large proportion of heat-consuming households, such measures would have a practical benefit to both companies and their customers. “This will further improve customer experience and increase trust between service providers and consumers”, said the president of the regulator Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov, quoted by the press center of the KEVR.